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Enchanted Fantasy by merrygrannyde
Enchanted Fantasy

Join In My Fantasy

In my fantasy I always go,

To a beautiful land of dreams,

This is a place where Mermaids and

Unicorns play by Crystal streams.

This is a wondrous state where

The mind meets with the heart.

Here in this fairyland I know,

Hatred shall never have a part.

Will you come join in my fantasy?

We will meet heart to heart.

In this most peaceful existence

Where Loving friendships start.

Here we can enjoy a heavenly abode,

Because prejudice has never came.

No eyes can ever tell a difference,

All faces seem to look the same.

If all the world joins my fantasy,

This earth could find a peace.

And for our sons and daughters

Those Bitter wars may forever cease.


Copyright @ M. Doris Fuller


Today Don & I have been married for 50 years, February 8th 1964.  and we haven't killed each other yet LOL!!!!!

Grow Old!

Grow old with me, my love,

 The best part of our life is yet to come.

 When we will spend our time together,

 Talking and laughing in the midday sun.

Then you won’t spend your days

 Working from early morning till late afternoon.

 I will not be taking care of the kids,

 Driving from here to there starting each June.

We can sit on our porch admiring the view,

 Watching the neighborhood children playing.

 Remembering all those days of yesteryear,

 While enjoying the porch swings swaying.

Then you will still be the love of my life,

 While I’ll simply be the only woman for you.

 We’ll help each other out with all our task,

 Because, my sweetheart, ours is a love that is true.

We shall spend our final days on earth together,

 I’ll know because of you my life was good.

 And I hope, my love, you will feel the same,

 I have always tried to do everything that I should.

For us two there will never be loneliness,

 As our earthly life does come to a close.

 Then there will forever be these fond memories,

 Whenever God thinks it’s time for one to go.

Come grow old with me, my dearest love,

 As we go through this life together.

 I do pledge my undying love to you,

 As you shall remain deep in my heart forever.

 Copyright @ M. Doris Fuller


Doris Fuller
United States
Howdy From Texas USA,

There is not a lot about me to know, I am a wife of 47 years, mother of three and grandmother of five.
As a child I was interested in art and drawing, so I would draw pictures and write a story about that drawing. I took art classes all through school and dabbled in painting. In 1964 I got married and a year later started my family so I gave up my art to devote all my time to my family. Now my kids have grown up & have their own lives I needed something to fill my time. I got my first computer in 1999. That was when I began my journey to fill my time doing something creative. I began writing my thoughts in poetry and in 2007 published a book of my poems titled "Stairway To My Dreams" by M. Doris Fuller. I learned how to build a web page and learned how to design my own graphics and I learned HTML. My friend suggested I put up some of my graphic designs for other to use so I started my Graphics By Doris site. In my quest to find good graphics to use with my designs I found Renderosity where I bought beautiful backgrounds and tubes from the talented artist there. I then got Poser to learn how to make my own tubes. I didn’t start to learn Poser right away because I discovered I had cancer so I had surgery and radiation treatments. When my treatments were over I began to learn how to use Poser last summer [2009] with the help of my friend Pamela Delli Colli. I have came a long way in Poser but still have much to learn. I want to thank you all for viewing my images and for any comments on my work. May God bless you all with love, peace & happiness.
Doris Fuller aka merrygrannyde aka Fluffykatt

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After several years of being away from designing web pages I have decided to redo my web page site and start designing new web pages. For the last three years I have been working in Poser, a 3D program, making my own art images. My new web pages will be made with my art only.


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